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Excerpts from missionary journal of Elder Louis Kelsch –

-picture of Elder Louis Kelsch taken in 1901
May 1882
 May 7th: I started for Rochester, Butler  County [Kentucky]to
see the brethren who were laboring there.
May 8th: I arrived in Rochester having walked that day over
28 miles and was kindly received by Mr. and Sister Granville Hunt.
The next night I stopped with Dr. Hunt. I was told on arriving in Rochester that
Bro. Taylor had gone home to Salt Lake City and that a young man by the name of
W. Paul* was laboring with Bro. Bigler. I dreamed that night of seeing him and I
met him alone in the road and knew him.
 May 10th: After meeting Bro. Paul we proceeded to the house of Bro. A.
Nourse. Sister Nourse told me that she knew me as soon as she saw me coming. "For,"
she said, "I saw you the other night in a dream."
May 12th: We visited Bro. Hendricks. His wife said, "That is the elder
that I saw coming with you Bro. Bigler." On inquiring I found that she dreamed
of seeing me come with Bro. Bigler.
*[Walter George Paul]

February 1883-
We arrived in Cromwell about noon, took boat about 4 o'clock for
Rochester, Butler Co., Kentucky, where we arrived at 12 o'clock at night in
safety. Walked about half a mile to the house of Granville Hunt whose wife
belonged to the church. All were glad to see us and made us welcome to their
February 25th: Went to Dr. Hunt who was not a member of the church but
always had made his house a home for the elders.
February 26th: Went to a protracted meeting. A preacher by the name of P.
Taylor told the people that baptism was not essential to salvation, or he said
that when we got to heaven that we should not be asked whether we were
baptized or not. We stopped at Bro. J. Hendricks.
February 28th: Visited Sister Nourse and daughter, also met several of
the other saints there. Spent a very pleasant day together singing, conversing
and praying. Stopped all night with Dr. Hunt.

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