Wednesday, April 2, 2008

James W. Hendricks Diary

This diary belonged to James William Hendricks and also belonged to his brother, K.D. Hendricks and then was given to Arminda Alice Hendricks and was passed down eventually to me. My Mother says that Grandma Alice always cherished the little book as it contained her father's handwriting. [This contradicts a history written about him that says he couldn't write.]

The book contains genealogies [note above entry spells surname as Hendrix and Hendricks], it contains baptismal records, odds and ends as well as biographical information on an Andrew Jemerson Nourse born March 12, 1806 in Logan County, Kentucky died December 21, 1883 in Butler County, Kentucky. Does anyone know the significance of the individual to the Hendricks family?
Note: This name appears in Elder Kelsch's journal entries along with James Hendricks.


Jerald said...

Wow! I actually knew Arminda Alice as she was my great great Grandmother and lived to be 105. As a child, I spent hours and hours talking with her and listening to her stories. I would be very interested if you could scan and post the genealogy pages from the diary as I have been researching the Hendrix line and would like to verify some of the information.

Jerald said...

you can reach me via email jcumbus @ aus . edu just eliminate the spaces.